the dogs

We have always had a great appreciation for a good dog in the field.  Our breeding programs have produced generation after generation of proven hunters and family dogs.  We love to show off and share our talented dogs doing what they love best!  All are AKC Labrador Retrievers out of titled and health tested parents.  Most of our dogs are flushing retrievers, though we do have a few dogs that have a natural point.  

Aspen is the matriarch of the group at 6 years old.  She has guided for the last four years and picked up about 400 birds a year.  She is the queen of finding a crippled bird.  As she is starting to age she works a little smarter, not harder and never ceases to amaze us. She has shown many a young dog how it is done and we have lots of stories about some of her amazing saves in the field.  She is a dilute chocolate/silver spayed female out of a Master Hunter Sire and Senior titled dam.  She herself has earned her SHR, JH, and WC titles.

Barrett is a two year old dark yellow/fox red male.  This is his second year guiding and has been a natural from the start.  He has a huge motor in the field which comes to a stand still when he gets on a bird, as he is out of pointing lines and has a nice hard point.  He is what we call an all day dog, meaning that he can work all day and keep the energy level up.  He loves his job and cannot get enough most of the time. He is a favorite of our clients to watch in the field.   Barrett's sire is a 4 time Grand Master Pointing Retriever, Master Hunter, and QAA.  His dam has her Hunting Retriever Champion title and her APL title. His five generation pedigree boasts over 100 titles. He he himself has earned his SHR and DJ titles, but is just getting started. 


Tiv is a girl.  Yes, she looks like a boy, and wears blue all the time time but this beast is in fact a female.  She loves to work!  She has good energy and is one of our go anywhere dogs that sleeps with us at night.  She is two years old and this is also her second year guiding.  She is just happy go lucky and enjoys every minute of it.  No point on this tank even though her grandsire is a 4 time Grand Master Pointing Retriever, Master Hunter, QA2.  She is a flushing bull in a china shop! You will usually find her full steam ahead.  She has earned her SHR and DJ titles. She is a spayed black female out of titled and health tested parents and hunt test royalty. 

Lyric is a two year old dark yellow/fox red female.  Another big motor in the field but tends to look toward her handler a bit more for reassurance.  She thinks hunting and hunt test are the most fabulous thing ever with all her favorite games.  This is also her second year as a guide dog and is really maturing this year. Her sire has his HRCH, UH, MH, and CGC titles while her late mother has her SHR title.  Lyric has also earned her SHR title this year and will continue to run hunt test and dock dive in 2020.

To know Harley is to...well bow down to Harley.  She is a Diva.  She loves to be the center of attention and in charge.  She has plenty of drive to spare and is another all day dog.  This dog stays in motion!  She is very high prey drive and a little high maintenance.  She received a bad injury as a pup that scarred and twisted her joint slightly but it does not slow this dark red diva down one bit!  Harley is also out of heavy pointing lines sporting the famous Helms Point Doctor and Irish import lines.  She was named after the Harlequin Duck and like her name sake is nuts about the water.  She has earned her SHR and AKC Dock Senior titles!

Maggy is a one of a kind.  She has talents that defy gravity and she excels at everything she does.  She has gone 8 for 8 running hunt test and earned her AKC Senior Dock title and is now jumping Master level after just one weekend  out.  When this dog does something she puts her whole self into it!  She is owned by a client of ours down in Louisiana and has resided with us most of her life, and we are perfectly ok with that.  She is a bird NUT and very high drive!  Winning means everything to Maggy!  Maggy is a dilute chocolate/silver out of a combination of hunt test and show lines and has earned her SHR, JH, WC, and DS titles.  She goes back to FC AFC Ebonstar Teddy and the prominent Lean Mac.