the hunt

We have always had a passion for hunting, upland, guiding, fishing, camping, and waterfowl hunting. Any excuse to get out in the outdoors, we are in. We are excited to share this passion with you as we combine our previous experience in hospitality, guiding, and the great outdoors!

We enjoy hunting with our groups from all over the country and getting to know them.  We cannot wait to add you to our hunting memories as well as we move into the 2019 season.

We are located in what is referred to as The Golden Triangle.  The Golden Triangle is an area between Gregory, Winner and Chamberlain that has the highest pheasant populations in South Dakota,  Winner is a hunter friendly community with a legacy and reputation in pheasant hunting.

In this area you will not only find ring neck pheasants, but sharp tail grouse, and prairie chickens as well.  We have phenomenal white tail, mule deer, and turkey hunting.  Our proximity to the Missouri River also gives us world class fishing.  You can find walleye, catfish, bass, white fish, northern pike, buffalo, rainbow trout, carp, and more.  

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